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Certain foods increase testosterone levels in men. But the problem is how much am I supposed to eat for best results. What is the rule?  ?

How much am I supposed to eat each hour or each day? When I eat a little bit, I feel a little bit different (in my libido), when I eat a lot, strangely I don't feel anything. I'm talking about foods like raisins, egg yolks and bananas.

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    Actual, prescription level testosterone is a very powerful medication with strict cautions on usage. I would need to see research on benefits of ingesting a certain amount of food for the same results. That may or may not exist in medical journals, but it's worth a look. Check a medical data base through your local library or university.

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    That's largely a myth. Certain foods can cause a slight increase in hormone production, but the percentage is too low to make any noticeable difference. The rule is simply that a healthier diet is better for your body overall; better metabolism makes for better hormone levels. But it's not like pigging out on bananas will turn you into the Incredible Hulk. If that were the case, body builders wouldn't be shooting up black market testosterone.

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