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Why make people wear masks? They aren’t doing it correctly anyway?

It’s quite obvious that you can’t make everyone in the entire world wear a mask or social distance. People are going to do what they feel is best for them regardless of what the CDC, News, government or doctors have to say. Getting Everyone wearing “PPE” is impossible. The police and government can’t even get people to stop slaughtering each other. So what makes people think that everyone is just going to put on a mask with no grievances?? Why can’t the strongest immune system survive? This virus is just one of thousands of things that can kill you in this world. Should you wear bullet proof vests and radiation protection too? Since America is home of the AR-15s 

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  • Susie
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    You obviously don’t live in one of the now hot spots. My county has mandatory masks in public and all venues require them to go inside.    Some areas are experiencing worse numbers than others.   There is much that is suspect  about this virus. Even younger people are dying and more often are having lasting residual health problems from having it.   Whether masks are helping or not, why take that chance,  at a point where the experts still don’t understand the virus??  Do you want our economy to stay shut down??  Do you want our country to fail??  Do you want libs to destroy this country??? 

  • I suggest dividing the USA between those who want to wear masks and those who don't.  Eventually covid-19 is going to kill around 800,000 Americans and it would be beneficial if they all came from the science-denying community.

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    Some businesses where I shop have signs stating you must wear a mask to enter the store and pictures showing the proper way to wear them.  it is better than nothing, these shop owners are doing what they can to help stop the spread

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