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Jake asked in SportsMartial Arts · 4 weeks ago

Is Wing Chun useful in an actual street fight?


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Like this is a good example here. There is a lot of stuff going on in my neighborhood and I want to know how to defend myself so I want to take Wing Chun. I feel like every other martial art is mainstream.

What Jackie did in the video on that wooden dummy, can you actually use those moves at that speed on someone? Is it practical? I am sure the average guy on the street is not prepared for that, but its good to defend yourself.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes, Wing Chun can be used in a street fight if taught correctly.  There is no hard blocking in Wing Chun, it's all deflections, while sticking and simultaneously striking.  The key to Wing Chun is to stick to your opponent, Chi Sau and Chi Jerk give you the high level training on how to stick.  Advanced Chi Sau is done blindfolded.  When practicing on the mook yan jong, all deflections are soft allowing you to stick, thereby reading your opponent every move.  The Wing Chun dummy has 12 hand sets and 4 legs sets.  True Wing Chun has Chi Sau traing (sticky hands traing) and Chi Jerk (sticky legs training.)  In true wooden dummy forms, a person will continuously go from one side of the dummy to the other.  There in no stationary dummy forms in true Wing Chun.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago


    Wing Chun, Tai chi, White Crane, tiger style, etc. are used in self defense.

    What matters is how you train not what you train, if you have a **** poor instructor who cant teach or bad training habits then no matter what you train in it will be useless.

    The wooden dummy is just one of many tools used to train in various styles. Its just a little more different then  a punching bag.

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