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Question about PUA for people on home confinement?

I would like to know if a person that has been released from prison and sent to home confinement to complete their term can request unemployment or PUA benefits? Once home the person must pay their own expenses and with COVID its even harder to get a job. I think this is a common issue and in this situation the person dose not have a probation officer since they are not on probation yet and no information is available

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    In order to collect the pua you have to have worked the year before or been self-employed the year before or the year with your cleaning if you did not work the year before or during the year that you are claiming you can't get pua you have to have turned in an income tax return for the previous year or for the year 2020 in order to qualify for a pua they will ask you for a copy of your income tax for 2020 or 2019 to get to pua

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    If you are on home confinement, you can not work. As such, you do not qualify for unemployment even if your previous income and hours would qualify you since while you may be willing to work, you are not able to work.

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    Since prison doesn't count as "employed", I'm gonna guess "no" on that one. It sucks that committing crime has consequences (unless you're really rich), huh?

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