What Zodiac Sign does this woman sound like ?

1 Woman She  is fearless ,

She is compassionate 

She  is kind  hearted 

She is down to earth 

She  is practical 

She  can chat about anything under the sun 

She is humble 

She is easily touched 

She is caring 

She will go out  with her bestfriend  's hubby / boyfriend secretly 

She believes post lovely stuff on Instagram isn't true love 

She angry will scold  vuglar word but rarely 

She is polite too 

She  like the guy she will do anything to get him 

She is NOT money minded 

Her Hates 

She hate male chaunavastic 

She hate back stabber 

She hate know it all guys 

She hate people who are rude to elderly 

She hate people who abuse animals 

She  hate judgemental and spoiltbrat 

2  Woman She is conversative  , 

She is sensitive 

She loves to jokes 

She love to be call Godness

She is able to handle  children tantrums 

She  love  to break through  

She is secretive in her love life  because 

She don't want to explain to people 

She  is  out going 

She is humble

She is NOT money minded 

She  doesn't judge by apperance 

She is loyal 

She is likable 

She will distance herself with her bestfriend 's  hubby/ boyfriend  

She is moral and kind hearted 

She dislike rules 

like saying you must do it this way 

I know it depends on whole chart I just want to see she sound more like which sign  

( only  to people who believe astrology  ) 


Typo Sorry 1 and 2 are diff woman 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago
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    1 : Sounds like a taurus. Taurus sun, taurus rising, pisces or capricorn moon 

    2 : Defs a cancer. Cancer sun, maybe libra moon, capricorn rising 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    It sounds like BULLSH*T

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