I need some microsoft password help?

I have tried to reset my password multiple times and the password reset code e-mail won't send. I have tried multiple times, also checking junk and spam, but it won't send. I have also tried the account recovery form, but since I do not have access to the account's e-mail, this has not worked. Any ideas?

1 Answer

  • David
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    There are ways to remove the password if you search the internet.

    We get lots of requests for lost passwords, basically you are asking us to tell you how to hack into a protected computer. The computer could be stolen for all we know.

    Take the computer with proof of ownership to a workshop and they should be able to remove the password, or alternatively reinstall the operating system from your recovery disks.

    If we posted any method of bypassing/resetting a password over the internet on a public forum, any thief or hacker would think Christmas came early

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