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How do you property wash white clothes? ?

It's my first time washing white clothes. Is it okay to only use bleach and baking soda? I know I am suppose to wash white clothes with warm water. I'm scared of using any other products and I'm scared of making my white clothes yellow. Can someone help me step by step? I'm young and I need to start washing my own clothes. 

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    Washing White clothes.  Begin the washer, add 1/2 cup laundry detergent and 1/4 cup bleach and let the washer do it's job.

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    I wash only whites with white.

    I usually always use cold water.

    I only use woolite...liquid either one..they just came out with a dark clothes woolite i still use that on all clothes.

    Dont over use detergent, clothes will be stiff.

    I rarely put my clothes in the dryer i hang most to air dry.

    I dont let laundry pile up. I prefer a small load, low water setting to get it done fast.

    Never ever wash towels with clothes. Towels are a separate load. I wash those with Tide.

    I rarely use bleach.

    Good luck you got this!

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    What white clothes?  I wash almost everything in cold water.  If you have white dress shirts or white jeans (and don’t wash those together) you should wash them in cold water. If you have white undershirt and boxers. Then you may want to add a little bleach. 

    It is worth buying a name brand detergent. And get Mrs Stewarts Liquid Bluing, Concentrated. 8oz is about $9.  You only need 1/4 teaspoon for each literally a few drops for small loads,  It keeps white from yellowing.  Find it at Wal-Mart, menards, Home Depot, grocery stores. You may need order online. 

    Have you jeans should be washed on their own. I wash towels in their because lint can get on everything else you out in with them. Jeans and towels can use a medium to high spin cycle. 

    For knits, such as t-shirt, use a low spin cycle. High spin can stretch them out. 

    Don’t let clothes sit in the washer once done. Give each piece a good shake before putting into the dryer, they will dry quicker and not as wrinkled.  

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    Over time, bleach will turn them yellow.  Best to not use bleach unless you need to disinfect them or if they are stained.  Clothes - warm water.  Sheets, other whites - hot or warm water.  Don't mix dark colors with the whites.  Doing that will also darken them over time.  Use laundry soap, appropriate for your machine.  Baking soda IF you need a fabric softener.  Don't use dryer sheets - those are garbage and will leave chemical residue on your clothing.

    Source(s): Been doing laundry for decades.
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    Start buy just using cold water and the recommended amount of a well known detergent like Tide. If the clothes come out the way you want then just keep doing that. A user, very small amount of bleach is okay but you have to be careful how you put in to the washer. On those occasions when I think I need bleach, I start the washer filling with water then add the bleach and let it mix a bit before adding the clothes. That way you reduce the chance of "burning" any of the whites that might be sensitive to bleach. 


    There have been several studies that shows that warm or hot water does nothing to make the clothes cleaner

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    Go buy some laundry soap first. And some fabric softener. Then read the directions on your washer lid or in your instruction book. Read the soap container. You are gonna have to figure out what temperature of water by figuring out what fabrics you have. Good luck.  (Baking soda and bleach will not do the job)

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