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Why do some people who are unhealthily thin like to mock people who are a little overweight for their weight?

If you're going to laugh at someone for their weight at least make sure you're physique is perfect right. Too thin to the point where your BMI is underweight isn't that good looking either.



Update 2:

@Jim, not when they're thinner than most thin people. even fi they were healthy thin, there's no need to look down on other people's looks. It's vile thing to do.

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    Because some people that are like that unfortunately have that mindset that's toxic and they think they look good when they're underweight. It takes the attention off of them and honestly no one should be body shaming anybody but some people just don't care especially in this day and age.

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    Because studies show fat people underestimate people's weight. 

    What you think is 'unhealthily thin' is actually healthy.

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