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What can I do to get him fired?

My former psychiatrist, a man in his 50s, developed feelings for me when I was just 16. He was extremely jealous of guys I spoke to, he asked my dad why I didn’t fancy him, he invited me back to his house several times, he took often flirted and made inappropriate comments and he told everybody that I was “in love” with him. I can’t list it all - to summarise, he was extremely unprofessional. I managed to see through his manipulative ways and I cut off contact with him. 

It isn’t necessarily a police matter but the police were involved, but it was disregarded. I made 2 formal complaints and each time they managed to cover it all up. He still has his job and it sickens me that all of this could happen to other vulnerable patients of his. There needs to be justice but nothing will come out of it if I report his behaviour. 

Does anybody have any ideas? What can I do?

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    WHERE?  In some Countries/States you can sue him for sexual harassment.

    I don't know what "he took often flirted" means.

    If he discussed your mental health ("he told everybody I was in love with him") you can sue him for defamation.  Your mental health records and his files will be called into evidence.

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    There is NOTHING you can do to get ANYONE fired.

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