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What is the most expensive ballet school?

Is there even a way to find that out?

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  • 6 months ago

    Competition dance schools are positively the most expensive dance schools. They offer poor ballet training at many times the price of a better school. Quality and price don’t go hand and hand. Most of the best world class ballet schools offer scholarships to their students. After all they are feeder schools training students to be in their affiliate professional  ballet company.

  • sam
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    6 months ago

    Yes there is a way to find out. Most schools post the cost of annual tuition on their websites. All you need is some currency exchange rates and you should have your answer. Bear in mind that a school in a big city will charge more than a school in a rural area simply because cost of living and rent are more expensive in the city. Some of the bigger schools tied to prestigious companies are less expensive than you'd think because they are subsudised by donors. However all are several thousand dollars a year. 

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