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Red around my betta’s gill?

I got this betta around 2 weeks ago,and it had this red when it was at the pet shop however I didn’t take that much notice of it. Now that there is a better light in the tank I am seeing the red better. I am aware that this can be a result of high ammonia levels. But I do weekly water changes, scoop out extra food, the tank is filtered well, I treat the water and the tank has lots of plants. (It’s 20-22 litres). 

The fish is a light colour so could it be just because of that or is it something I need to worry about?

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    Gills are a dark pink, if the fish is eating, acting normal, I dont think you have anything to worry about.

  • 3 months ago

    Test the ammonia level in the water. If you don't have one already you might want to get a whole kit to test ammonia and nitrite, nitrates, ph etc. 

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