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British citizen moving to the USA?

I am British and even though I have never visited the USA, the lifestyle looks like a good place to live. I would like to live there for a while, obvs with Coronavirus this may not be able to happen at the minute. I am 40 and female, are there any ways you can work for a while and live in the USA? Any schemes etc for that? How can a British citizen move to the USA? Thanks


As people have said with Covid 19 will all need to pass. It is probably best to go on holiday/travel there when it's all blown over and go from there. I have never been but people who have seem to say how great the USA is. Thank you for everyone who answered with all the information/opinions. 

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    You can enter the USA for 90 days without a VISA but you must not work. To get a VISA to enter and work you will have to have a job lined up, no ifs or buts. In reality it isn't going to happen, at least until covid has gone.

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    If you move to Australia you can stay without a visa but can’t work. Donno about the States though. You need a travel visa if you visit once, if you go home to Pommy Land and go back to Yank Land you need no visas

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    British people just wanting to be in America usually have to follow all of the usual rules. But there are exceptions. A 40 year old British woman who is ethnically British might marry. Her smartest move for that would be to go straight to the upper class churches like the National Cathedral in Washington DC and St Paul's in Richmond VA or really anywhere there's a wealthy Episcopal Church. Marry a really rich anglophile and she can skip a great deal of officialdom.

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    good luck, just remember to come home for NHS treatment if you get ill!

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    Just move to Australia it's a lot easier.

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    I visited Britain in 2018 for an NFL game.

    America is overrated (IMHO).

    I would stay put if I were you but - the "American Dream" has an odd allure and I do believe that those who want to be here can get here easily whilst those of (us) who hate this place and want to leave... can't... because there is no way someone living in this overrated place will ever get some kind of refugee status - even though Trudeau sorta mentioned it before.

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    Don't do it. The economy is in shambles. COVID-19 is out of control. You don't want to come here. I lived Stockport just outside Manchester for 2 years in the ea4ly 80s when things were so bad there. It is worse here now.

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    The easiest way to immigrate to the USA is to marry a US citizen or Green Card holder. British citizens can easily visit for 90 days, and in all honesty, many such people overstay their visas. In case you don't know, a "Green Card" is a slang term for "permanent resident visa" or "immigrant visa". Green card holders can apply for citizenship after holding a green card for a minimum of 5 years, (although not required to do so). There is a US law that states that green card holders have all of the same rights and privileges as US citizens, except that they cannot vote nor hold public office. 

    The USA has enormously varied landforms, weather, climate, regional culture, cost of living, etc., etc. Have you thought about where you would like to live in the USA? Most outsiders say they would like to live in southern California, which is perhaps the most expensive place in the USA to live, but you can stay in a Motel-6 in southern California for ~$90/night as I have done. (Elsewhere in the USA, Motel-6 charges ~$50/night.) The cheapest places to live in the USA are in the south or midwestern states. The Northeast is essentially as expensive as California. 

    Good luck. 

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    You can marry me and get your green card. lol

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    Are you independently middle-class, or do you have a work visa?  If neither, you can come to visit, but you can't stay in the US indefinitely.  Kudos, though, to calling it the USA, and not "America" as many people in the UK do.

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    In order to live and work here you must apply for and receive a green card/visa! You start out by contacting the american embassy in your country!

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