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Why is it said that the pyramid of Giza took 20 years to build?

Isn't 20 years a bit much?


@k w, I don't need your sarcasm. I don't understand why they said it took 20 years. How did they work it out? Seems like you do not know the answer either.

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    Some of the European cathedrals took centuries.

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    just look at what they had to work with, tools made of copper or brass, to get the stone blocks they needed they would start to cut them out using just stones, until they got the basic shape then use the brass chisel to get the right shape, and they had to be move by ship from a quarry, then  moved by men to the pyramid using ropes, putting the stone in place they would have used a scaffold with block&tackle

    remember all o these stones were over 3 tons so moving them by hand was never easy, because of how well they fit together, someone would have to be there just as a stone was about to be put in place to make last minute changes to shape and size, and all of done by hand,  

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