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(20 year old female) Okay now before anyone says "Go Get Tested" please understand that I get that thats the only way to know for certain. Im simply looking for some advisement to help ease my anxiety about testing. I have engaged in unprotected sex with 2 males I don't know of their status and have gained severe anxiety about going to get tested. The sex occurred in August 2019 and I have not had unprotected sex since. I confronted one of the males in which he told me he had been tested and never contracted anything and kind of pushed me to the side as if me asking annoyed him ! The other man I have contemplated on approaching. I haven't had any symptoms such as a flu or any rash in the past year and haven't had any irregularities but my recent obsession with the topic I believe has caused me to gain a flush of anxiety, making my hands numb and feet numb (which I know is also a HIV symptom) but it only began the day I started doing all my HIV research. I feel like when I don't think about it it goes away. but the thought of me going into the hospital and waiting dramatically for the results. makes my brain want to explode in my head ! I feel like asking the other guy and possibly hearing or seeing proof that he'd been tested would make me feel a lot better but Im just at a cross roads...any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Numb hands and feet are a symptom of anxiety, not HIV infection.  And please note that people are often infected for several YEARS before any symptoms show up.

    We really can't help you, because we have no idea whether you were infected or not. It's unlikely, given your description, but we can't possibly say.

    I think what you really need is a therapist, because you seem to have a major anxiety problem.  Perhaps after seeing one, you'll feel ready to put your mind at rest on the HIV issue by getting tested.

  • You don’t have HIV. But since it’s destroying your life and you’re being a drama queen about being tested by a medical professional, why not buy a home test kit and get it over with?

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    You dont get HIV symptoms the next day, and numbness is not a common symptoms. However, there is no way to predict if they have HIV (no way. ) So, stop your internet research which wont help you at all and will only increase your anxiety. You still need to be tested to be sure. You dont go to the hospital, you simply go to a clinic. and that is silly to state about waiting dramatically because you are already "dramatically" waiting. Forget asking their status and just take care of yourself, period.

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    Stop.  The likelihood of a woman getting HIV from sex with a heterosexual male who isn't an IV drug user is low.  

    It is very unlikely that an healthy individual would get an HIV test unless they were engaging in high-risk behavior such as IV drug use with shared needles or sex with random gay men.  

    So here's what can do:

    1. See a doctor for an HIV test as well as to get medications or your anxiety and a referral to a therapist.  Your stress and concern are way out of proportion.

    2.  Contact the guys and ask they not only if they were tested for HIV just prior to sex with you and if they are in at risks groups.  My honest guess is that neither of them have ever been tested for HIV and that they are not gay or porn stars or IV drug users.  If they are, then you certainly want to get that test. 

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    you still don't or ever had HIV

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