Headphones Or Earbuds?

I was wondering if I should try earbuds. I've tried them when I was a kid and (this will tell my age) back then they didn't have those interchangeable rubber tips, all we had were fixed plastic cups. You would put them in your ear and hope they stay; they didn't.

After that I fell in love with headphones, high quality sound and they feel comfortable on or over my ears. My question is, should I try earbuds again? Do they sound as good as headphones?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Headphones require more power to drive them. That is why they do not work well with portable devices like CD players, MP3 players and smartphones. There are some cheap headphones that will work with these devices but not good ones like the AKG K240. Headphones are also too big to use in crowded places. Ear buds work better for portable devices.

    The AKG earbuds designed for Samsung smartphones are good ones and they are pretty cheap. Some claim that they are not the same as the ones that came with their phones but some say they are the same. I tried one of them and they fit well and they sound better than the Panasonic ear buds I have been using. Give them a try. They can be bought for about $20 on Amazon. There are also Sennheiser earbuds selling for around $50. I have not tried them, but Sennheiser and AKG are two of the best brands of headphones for decades. Of course there are really expensive headphones such as the electrostatic Stax which requires a separate headphone amp. They get great reviews but I have not tried them.

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