Anyone know how to ship a luggage/suitcase from the Netherlands to Ontario, Canada? ?

Hey y’all, 

I’ve been on a year long journey from home in the Netherlands (working and studying and working again), and I have accumulated quite a lot of stuff. I’ve donated a bunch of it, but the remainder is approximately 3 large suitcases worth of stuff.

I booked my flight to go back to Canada via KLM; and I added two additional luggages to my flight (2 luggages is the maximum number of luggages I could find while booking). So 2/3 luggages are accounted for, but one is still not. I have looked into a few different options: 

1) taking the bag to the airport and paying for it as a third bag. That would cost me ~250€ (which is kinda expensive imo)

2) shipping my bag before my flight via a courier/shipping service. The one I was looking into (here: was also quite expensive, close to 300€ for a 23-30kg bag. 

Any ideas how I can ship this third bag (without spending a lot of €€)? 

2 Answers

  • 4 months ago

    Use the postal service. It's always the cheapest way to send anything smaller than an armchair.  The faster it goes, the more it costs. The post office can offer fast and slow shipping while couriers only offer fast. Check the maximum weight and size that the Dutch postal service will accept.

    If you want cheap, it won't get there in less than a couple of weeks and probably more, so put stuff in that bag that you won't need for a while.

  • 4 months ago

    Send it via the regular post.  I have done that from developed nations all over the world to my home in the USA.  The Dutch post office may or may not allow you to ship a suitcase without putting it in a box, but sending it at the lowest rate (usually surface mail) will be a lot less than paying for excess luggage or using a shipping company. 

    What I normally do is mail everything to myself except for one checked bag and a carry on bag. 

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