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HELP! EMERGENCY!!! Missing baby bird!?

I can't help myself. I have a birdhouse outside my window that had eggs in there. The eggs finally cracked. I heard birds chirping, and 1 of the 6 babies flew out when I opened the bird house! I cannot find the baby bird anymore. Is there anything I can do? 


It is lost on my yard, my grass is 6 inches long, and I live on 10 acres. He flew and suddenly disappeared!

Update 2:

He didn't exactly "fly" away. He basically jumped out and glided (nose dive) 50 feet away... landed on the long grass, and now he's GONE! Will he find his way back, will his mother find him? I already see his mom flying around in panic

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    You interfered with the nest so one of the fledgelings was seperated from the others.

    Normally they only leave the nest with parents aupervising.

    Because of your interference the parents are unlikely to find this xhich who won't survive without them.

    You either find it quickly and return it to the nest or you get out of the way so it will hopefully answer calls from the parents to enable them to find it.

    Try not to do anything so stupid again.

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    The birds that had just hatched can not fly or even try to get out of the nest. There is a good chance that what flew out was a predator bird, a bird that eats young such as Magpies for instance. Put a new facia over the entrance with a smaller hole that can stop predators from gaining entry.

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    When they can fly they're ready to be on their own.  nothing to do.

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    Newborn baby birds cannot fly. It probably fell out of the nest. It is probably not alive anymore. You need to check a little better around the area of where the you have the birdhouse..A dog or a cat may have got to the bird, or some other kind of animal. You have a lot of acreage, so maybe a wild animal?


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    Maybe they flew away?

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