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why aren't RVs exported to China?

According to a CNBC report around 1 million US citizens currently live on the wheels full time,equipped with all basic life supplies,e.g. sinks,beds,tvs,water,food,electricity,etc.,on the never-ending go,endorsing the concept of flexibility and natural humanity in their van life.They mostly are retirees or youngsters working remotely.It's also said that RV industry has been experiencing a steady uptic in yearly revenues since recovery from 2008 financial crisis.

So why doesn't any moguls thereby,like Thor,export this innovative design to my country?

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    Expense of shipping and those who have them in storage are wasting money and is better to rent when you want to use one.  Where I am from less is more.

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    2 months ago

    that hasn't caught on in China yet .....................

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