John Doe high bidder at foreclosure auction and property access?

County auctions require 5% down the day of the auction. Does the Master in Equity give the new owner the keys to the property or what access does the buyer have since they might need to enter the property for an inspection. Knowing that if they back out they lose their 5%. Does the Master in Equity require the foreclosed on persons or powers of attrorny's for them to get the the keys? We went to look at one house that was foreclosure and a piece of wood was over a broken window as if the Master in Equity went there and intentionaly broke in so they could secure it with a new lock and key. Thanks.


The question was mainly about the people who were foreclosed on and them leaving town and no one has keys to get into the home. Foreclosure high bidders in our county do have the right to have it inspected before deciding to close or not to close. 

Update 2:

Anyone else? The site unseen comment is false in our county. The question is how will the new owner get into the house they won at the auction. 

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    They only get access once the ale is done and they own it.  

  • 6 months ago

    The foreclosure company probably doesn't have any keys.  Foreclosure auctions require payment in full immediately after the auction.  Sight-unseen.

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