Why did my IBR increase when I made less than last year?

I’ve had to pay $0 for the last few years. I went to recertify using my 2019 taxes and my IBR payments have now increased on 2 loans while the other 4 are on covid deferment, despite the fact that I actually made less last year than in 2018. Does anyone know why this would happen?


1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    1st, check to see that ALL your loans are with the same servicer, and that they are ALL Federal loans.  Private loans have different rules - the fact that 4 are on Covid deferment, and 2 are not - tells me you either have private loans OR Perkins Loans.  You can check on NSLDS.ed.gov for your loan records - Federal Direct and Perkins loans will be there, private loans will not be there.

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