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Camera Av-Out Port to computer Firewire Port.?

I am digitizing all my old VCR, mini DV and Hi-8 tapes for the family.  My old Hi-8 cam is a Sony CCD-TRV128 and only has a single AV-Out port.  On my computer I have a firewire port in a PCI slot.  How do I get sound and video from my Hi-8 cam to the computer?


There is also a S-Video Out port.

Update 2:

The VCR and Mini-DV tapes worked beautifully with the Firewire port and my editing software.  I have over 100 Hi-8 tapes to digitize and surely do not wish to make 100 DVDs.  The digital copies: one copy goes on a external hard drive and the other to a private Youtube Channel where family can view. 

Update 3:

Never mind.  I figured it out.  AV-out cable to a Clearclick converter (I used this for my VCR tapes, I just forgot.) to USB port on the computer.  I've heard USB is not the best but my 40 year old tapes came out superb.  ...Hope this helps the next guy.

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  • Mmm J
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    6 months ago

    The firewire port and "DV Link" are firewire ports that were associated with Digital8 and DV tape based camcorders - your camcorder does not have a firewire port (also known as IEEE1394 if you like to know the IEEE standards protocol used).

    Hi-8 is analog, so an analog/digital converter is needed. I use one from Elgato that plugs into a USB port - firewire is not needed. I think Blackmagic Design used to make an A/D converter which connected using firewire; they make Thunderbolt and USB connecting converters these days.

  • 6 months ago

    S-video doesn't do much for you - it's video only.  If you've got a way of digitising the VCR tapes it should be able to handle the Hi-8 as well.  If you haven't, you'll need an analogue / digital converter. Back in the day the Canopus a/d converters connected via firewire but I don't know what's available now other than the cheap ones sold as VCR to DVD converters.

  • Damien
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    6 months ago

    stop wasting time and get a dvd recorder to do that and put it all on dvd and transfer to computer from dvd. Have to do that anyways for a vcr. And who uses PCI slots anymore, will be a challenge getting video software for that.

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