Down time for man with fractured leg bone?

Retired gentleman stepped on or bothered a snake and he was bitten. Black snake they think. In an effort to pull away he fell and fractured the tibia bone near the knee. It happened on a Wednesday and surgery was not until the next week and he lay there in his home in moderate pain. That's 2 weeks ago and we have not seen the family and assume he has a full leg cast (above the ankle to above the knew) and has not mastered the use of crutches. He had a wheel chair but still not attended church. After cast of couse there will be physical therapy. Also before the surgery his spouse spoke of a part of the knew needing to be replaced. How long should he be down and how many weeks until he is able to walk well enough to return to his retirement activities that require him to be somewhat mobile. Age is 63. Thanks. 


Some people have experienced the same thing or they are doctors, nurses or physical therapist. We assume you are none of those.

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    Why don't you go and see him instead of asking strangers around the world ?

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