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if you ride a motorbike have u had an accident?

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    There are two types of motorbike riders: 1. Ones that have crashed and 2. Ones that are gonna crash.  The hazards come with the territory.  

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    Hit a full grown cow on a dirt bike, it died, i was fine. Hit a deer on a CB 750 Honda, killed the deer, i was fine. Crashed a few times racing moto cross and hare scrambles, never got hurt except for one cracked rib.

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    Yes.  It is expected that will happen if you are on the road with a bunch of idiot car drivers that do not adjust their thinking to think Motorcycle weather is here again. Nothing too horrendous or I would be dead and you would not hear about it.

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    I sure as hell didn't slip down sliding through gravel on purpose. Gravel is as bad as oil. Slid the butt out of my levis on one side, but didn't get hurt.

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    I've been riding since I was young.  The first wreck I had was when I was about 16 - a guy who was parked by the side of the road pulled out and tried to do a u-turn right in front of me, and then stopped when he saw me.

    I t-boned him, but was fortunately not going very fast, so the bike just went up, my legs caught the handlebars, and then came back down.  As I was trying to get my helmet off, I could hear a woman screaming.

    I got the helmet off and said 'I'm okay' and she started yelling at me 'you hit my son's car!!!'  I told her 'lady, your son pulled out right in front of me'.  The cop got there, and she was screaming at him 'this guy is a maniac, he was going 45 mph, he should be arrested'. 

    The cop damn near winked at me before looking at the lady, motioned down the street and said 'ma'am, if he had been going 45, he would be laying over there'.  That shut her up pretty good.

    The guy's insurance paid the bike off, and I fixed it myself - it just bent the forks (hydraulic shocks - I managed to straighten them on a press and replaced the fork seals - I did have to take the spoke wheel to a guy to have him straighten it though).

    I learned an important lesson that day - and I went for over 20 years without another wreck, but then one day I was riding down a highway, came around a curve, and there - easing across the center line into my lane into oncoming traffic was a white Chevy Blazer.  I had time to downshift twice hard, dump the clutch, and slam on both brakes.

    I got my leg out from underneath it as it slammed down - the bike went under the truck and I ricocheted off the hood/windshield and ended up on the same side of the road I was traveling on the shoulder.  I didn't lose consciousness, but I was dazed.  A guy came running up and said 'it's okay - I'm a nurse!' I couldn't help but laugh a little and said 'Oh boy!'

    He laughed a little too, but then as I was trying to straighten my leg out he said 'don't move it'.  I was like 'I'm not going to lay here with my leg back behind me, if I can move it without passing out'.  I could see that my left knee was bleeding pretty badly, and my left motorcycle boot had been ripped clean off my foot.

    My right boot was still laced to my leg, but it had ripped the entire bottom of it off.  I had a little road rash on my side where my leather jacket had pulled up, but because I was wearing a full-face helmet, I didn't injure my head/face (there was a massive scrape up the side of the helmet where it hit - which would've been my face on the ground if I hadn't been wearing a full-face helmet).

    Just then, someone started screaming 'does anyone have a fire extinguisher?'  I looked over to see that the bike was on fire, the lady was still in her truck, and some crazy/brave mofo started running towards the wreck.  The ambulance pulled up between me and the wreck - and a few seconds later I heard the bike's fuel tank explode... then the truck's tank exploded (and I don't mean 'kind of' - it shook the ground, and a black cloud of smoke went up).

    I said 'please tell me they got clear' - and they had.  I was pretty mad at this lady, but I didn't want her to die.  They got me in the ambulance, and the EMT said 'were you wearing a helmet?'  I motioned at my road-rash free face and said 'yeah'.  He looked at my bleeding knee and said 'you should've been wearing chaps!'  I nodded and said 'yeah, I probably should've'.

    I ended up having to have muscle reattached on my left knee, along with two screws, two dozen staples, three screws in my right ankle and stitches, and I broke the two little toes on my left foot (and sprained the living crap out of it).  Fortunately I was in pretty good shape when I had the wreck, and within 6 months I actually rode my bicycle to work - 21 miles one-way.  It took about 1-1/2 hours, and then 21 miles back that night (took about 2 hours against a 10mph headwind).  People at my work were stunned.

    I was surprised when my wife asked when I would be getting another motorcycle (she was cool with it before I even thought about bringing it up), she knew it was a freak accident, and she loves riding with me.  My friends, on the other hand, were merciless.  'You can get another one - but you have to get training wheels... and you can only ride it on your cul-de-sac'.

    The only thing that really sucked from that wreck (besides the injuries) was that the cop that worked the wreck decided I was at fault before he even got there.  I had one girl say she saw the whole thing, but I failed to get her contact info.  You could still  see the black mark on the road for a long time afterwards, and it was obvious that she had to have been in the oncoming lane for it to happen.

    The first 'witness' the cop interviewed didn't even see the wreck - he was just some guy I passed.  He told the cop that I was 'going really fast - because I went 'zing' past him'.  Yeah mofo, that's the sound motorcycles make when they pass you.  When I made my statement over the phone, the cop was a real d!ckhead. 

    All he looked at was the skidmarks my tires made when I made the last ditch effort to not just hit the truck head-on (that probably saved my life).  I talked to some lawyers, but they said that if the cop had me at fault, there probably wasn't much they could do.

    My full-coverage motorcycle insurance covered all the damage, my health insurance was really good and covered all but a few hundred, and I had AFLAC that actually covered my paycheck while I recovered.

  • adam
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    Yup, yes indeed. First time on the 8th and 40 duece in NYC. Got lightly bumped from behind because the idiot in the car that tapped me was looking at a hooker. No damage done. Second time was here in Phx . Moved here to attend classes at MMI. That time a person in a cadillac swung a U turn and hit me. Upshot of that was the loss of the big toe on right foot and the reconstruction of 22 centimeters of the same foot. Then Oct 2nd 2006 a liitle ol lady ran a red light and attempted a left turn . I hit her at 45 MPH never even touched my brake. That bike was 61 panhead chopper with an open chain primary. Apparently my foot and leg went into the open chain or maybe hit the clutch? No idea I also hit my head [no helmet] . So after waking up a 3 weeks later my left leg had been amputated from just below knee down. Surgery to right hand and 3 screws in my neck as well. Finally last year [Sept] I was rear ended at a red light. Totalled my Dyna. Tore rotator cuff in left shoulder. My brothers found another 09 Dyna street Bob and it was at my house before I even got out of the hospital. If your wondering how I shift gears with a prosthetic left leg we adopted a heel toe shift off a 71 FLH. My other bikes have jockey shifters with the clutch lever attached to the shifter. I wont quit riding until they bag me and tag me. 

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    In about 50 years of riding I had two or three 'spills' at low speed, and one serious accident.

    It was just twilight.  I was crossing an intersection and a woman made a left turn across my path.  I hit her car and flew over it. I broke three teeth and a little bone in my foot.  That was back in the 70s.

    But I learned from that accident!  I learned not to assume what cars are going to do, or that they see you.  And I've been safe ever since.  MANY car drivers have turned left in front of me, or pulled into my lane.  People will pull up next to you on the freeway, look RIGHT AT YOU, and then turn into your lane. 

    They always say 'I didn't see him!' (like the lady that hit me).  And that's probably true.  It's because they don't LOOK.  A friend of mine suggested that they're looking for -cars- and when they see a motorcycle it doesn't register on their brains.  That could be true.  Anyway, I've got it straight in my head that it's MY responsibility to stay out of THEIR way.

    Being slightly paranoid has saved my life lots of times, I'm sure.

  • Anton
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    6 months ago

    accident noun

    an unpleasant event, especially in a vehicle, that happens unexpectedly

    Motorcycles are unstable.  Falling on a motorcycle is excepted, not an accident.

    In over 50 years on motorcycles I have never had an accident.

  • keerok
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    The first time I rode a motorcycle, I wasn't even driving, I had an accident. I have never wanted to own or drive a motorcycle ever since.

  • Mog
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    6 months ago

    Yeah, a couple of times. Once I slid on some wet grass and wiped out. Another time I was off-roading and I hit an old railroad tie from an abandoned track and flew off the motorcycle. 

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