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Could powerful people in the world be having secret coronavirus vaccine/drug?

For example most of the presidents are safe. Two were infected later they recovered. Could it be that the secret is not shared among common mans purposely

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     Powerful people can do pretty much anything sadly so zxq

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    Don't worry about a Vaccine, it has been ready for a long time., According to bill gates.  Gates already said the vaccine will take care of your sickness. (PERMENANTLY)  So here are just a few of the things in the gates vaccine, aside from the nearly microscopic bot chip to be used for tracking you through the radiation emitting 5G that was installed during the long Quarintine. There are cancer cells, aborted baby fetus debri, hepatitis, and other serious illnesses in the Gates Corona virus vaccine..  Check it out on youtube. 

    Also check out Dr. Barrie Trowers 2018 Interview on 5G and how deadly it is.  It also causes cancer through the Constantly Emitting Pulsatiing Radiation, 24 hours a day, that is a military grade weapon at the right frequency.  This can all be found on the internet, but don't use google as your search engine because they are already actively trying to wipe out the Truth calling it lies and mis-truths.  There are many search engines out there, but I don't want to say which search engine because some would silence them.  If you cannot locate the 2018 interview, look for his March 6, 2020 interview. He is the number One Authority on 5G Radiation dangers on the planet.

    Without 5G you cannot be tracked, via your cell phone and the bot chip in the vaccine that medical personnel will vaccinate you with. If questioned about the chip they will assure you there is no chip. It is your choice, your life, so you make an informed dicision after doing your own research.  Many informed people are already aware of this, and so, many 5G towers are some how being burned around the globe.  It just makes a person wonder why. This is all over the internet.

    5G first was activated in China in late 2019.  And that is predominately why so many people were dying so quickly from heart attacks, breathing problems and several other serious side effects from weaponized 5G radiation while at the same time pushing the Coronavirus-19 to draw your attention away from the 5G. It has to be set at the right frequency though. But don't worry, Gates has a vaccine just for you and those in Africa, India and other locations who died by the thousands and many who are Permenantly infected with cancer cells, aborted baby fetus debri and a number of other illnesses. Those who are wanting to give you the vaccine want you to be so Fearfull that you will beg for the (deadly) Cure.  Refuse the vaccine, or Any Other Vaccine.  there is nothing you can do.  You cannot undo its effects once you taken the vaccine.  On the Coronavirus Hoax look up on the internet the posted speech from the President on Tanzina on the Corona virus Hoax.  Now the Corona virus is real, but in the U.S. only about 1% of the population has officially died, According to President Donald Trump and official government records. The globalist, using evil people, are pushing a virus to the point of absolute insanity.  Lastly locate Louis Farrikhans speech to African leaders in Africa on the Corona Virus Vaccine, Bill and Melinda Gates and Dr. Fauci.

    So, why has Corona virus become such an important topic when the first person who died was a Saudi Arabian man in 2012 and a second man in 2013 and the virus samples were taken to a Canadian Lab where a married couple of Chinese Scientist were forcably removed from the Canadian lab, but not before they were able to remove samples and get them to the Lab in China where they were able to weaponize it.  The globalist have used this hyped up virus to put people in fear, causing people to die needlessly.  But God in heaven sees their evil plans and will be their Judge on Judgement Day.

    And by the way, Bill Gates already said he will "Not" Vaccinate his three (3) young girls.  This post will probably be removed before 24-48 hours to prevent the educated people from warning those who are less educated.  Copy and POST this throughout the internet.  No insult intended to anyone regardless of their educational level.

    Concerned for mankind.

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    No.  Most humans who are infected later recover.  It's not just Presidents.  Only a small percentage, perhaps even just a fraction of a percent, die.

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    Don't be silly.

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  • 2 months ago

    Hydrochloroquine was recommended for early onset.  Remdesivir seems to be helping.  Mucinex 12 hour over the counter helps.  We expect a vaccine shortly that will help.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, Hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax is widely in use.

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