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Can an Israelite citizens of palstinein Muslim background become a high ranking politician in Tel Aviv?

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    There are already high ranking Muslim politicians within the Knesset, Israel's highest legislative body. Even ones highly critical of the State and absolutely hate it manage to make it to such a high position. There is NOTHING in Israeli law that would preclude anyone who is Arab Muslim from being elected into such a role. Within all of Israel, there are just too many examples of Arab politicians in high places, from municipal positions to extremely high appointments within the national government.

    Realistically, Tel Aviv is a majority Jewish city and thus positions like mayor would likely remain Jewish. There is an Arab minority within the Tel Aviv-Yafo metropolitan area, but still most of those seeking political office are of Jewish heritage. Still, that's just looking at numbers, not individuals. As long as they're a citizen, I can see a dedicated person with a Muslim and Arab background soaring high even in Tel Aviv. At the very least, such a person wouldn't be written off so easily if they show their competency as a political figure. Tel Aviv is a very liberal society, so at least most people wouldn't like or tolerate rhetoric disparaging candidates because they're Arab Muslim. With that said, certain concerns may still be present, and  of course if that individual does have anti-Israel sentiments or controversial family members that would be a challenge even in the bubble that is Tel Aviv. Still, just looking at your base question, it's at least well within the Israeli legal framework for it to happen, which makes the possibility exist regardless.

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    Of course not, Israel is an Apartheid temporary state.

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    Unfortunately yes

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