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The US is still in the first wave of COVID-19 and has 60000-70000 new cases every day, when will it end how deadly will the second wave be?

Historically every pandemic had a deadlier second wave.



It's no longer "I heard of..." or "I read in the news that...". I've witnessed close friends and their families getting really sick. One of my best friends lost his father due to complications from it, others described the difficulty breathing "like having a concrete block in their chest".

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    Let’s hope that operation warp speed works and there’s a vaccine that’ll slow down the spread or at least provide some protection. 

    The second wave usually comes about a year later. The summer is usually when the spreading stops or slows down due to the heat and humidity. When the weather cools down, the infection rate goes up. 

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    I'm from the US and I think it's pretty bad here.  I also have family in many places of Europe and latinamerica.  It's not rare that they were able to almost have zero cases now in many countries but the US is the main country that struggles with this issue.  I don't like to get into politics because I'm not the type of person that wants to talk bad about the current government but sadly, I think it's our President that ****** it up. I haven't seen any extreme nationwide mandated or forced to control it nationwide the way that other countries were able to do it.  So,  the Corona is gonna be a big issue for the US for sure unless someone with balls gets in the office to change and force everything properly.  

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    Stupidity always comes with a price to pay.

    The US isn't the only country that's contaminated. Maybe there are countries that are not contaminated.

    My country is contaminated too. I don't live in the USA. I suspect that my country has a lot less cases of covid-19 than the USA, for now.

    Why do you think my country would have less covid-19 cases than the USA?

    Another interesting question you should ask yourself is why am I still NOT infected, so not everyone is infected with the covid-19, or coronavirus.

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    As long as people in the US continue to think it can't happen to them or their friends and family. As long as people still continue to gather, especially indoors. The "first" wave will continue.

    The second wave will start in the northeast as soon as the weather turns and we head indoors to keep warm.  There are already pockets starting to pop up here and there mostly due to vacation spots and people starting to drop their guard. Becouse they believe, the worst is over up here. 

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    You are being lied to. The CDC has literally said that they dont know how many cases there are and how many have died due to poor reporting and an error rate in testing about 50%.  There have been reports of about 600,000 people receiving notice they were positive and never tested.  I just spoke to someone who, in his office there were 30 asymptomatic people out of 120.  If this is the case...30 people asymptomatic HOW BAD IS THE DISEASE?!?!?! they make it sound like if you get it you are gonna die yet 30 people are walking around totally fine and unaware they are sick?!!?!?  Come on...start using your f@cking brain.  Turn off the news!  

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