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Would it be safe to book a flight to Japan for November (from Maryland, USA)?

My boyfriend is currently in Japan for a year minimum (hes been there for four months already). I’ve mean meaning to go visit him, and July was originally my goal but obviously with COVID/the travel ban japan has on many countries, that wasn’t possible. So I want to go in November, around my birthday. Money won’t be an issue, as I’ve put aside a ton of money already for the trip, and there’s more money to come. But...

1) I submitted my passport application on July 10th, and there are currently passport delays of “several months”(but it looks like many people have been getting them in 3-4 months)2) Japan currently isn’t letting in Americans. I’m not sure when they will let us in again... I’m hoping by mid fall? Flights round trip are RIDICULOUSLY cheap right now and it’s so tempting to just book and hope for the best. What do you think? Am I being dumb? Haha


Watch your attitude. I never said it cared when my birthday was. I was saying that’s when I’d like to go. I asked a question, but didn’t ask for any attitude. Thanks!

Update 2:

By the way! I’m a registered nurse and I totally agree that our federal response has been crap. I wear my mask, and if I’m not working, I mainly at home except for errands and outdoor, distanced activities. It’s a shame this country is holding me back from seeing my boyfriend. 

Update 3:

There’s actual a vaccine in phase 3 trials. We could very well have one within the next 3-6 months.

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  • martin
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    2 months ago
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    If you buy the ticket on a major airline, you should get a refund or credit for another future ticket, in case you can't go in November.

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    It is very unlikely Japan will be letting in Americans by November. Other countries like New Zealand will possibly be able to, but due to America's completely screwed up federal response, don't hold your breath. And if I were them, I'd decide the same. When you deny a problem for 3 months and your own "freedumb" is more important than stopping a pandemic, that is what happens.

    Even when people will be able to fly to Japan again, most likely it again will be requiring a 2 week quarantine when you arrive (which you will be paying for). A vaccine for the masses is still probably 12-18 months away.

    You can check on the Japanese government's current status of letting people in on:



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     I want to go in November, SO WHAT

    When the virus is in control it will be in control and does not care when YOUR Birthday is. By the way the other 364 days of the year are suitable to meet up as well.

    1) I submitted my passport application on July 10th. Good for you.

    It will be processed when it is and not one minute faster. How long others take is how long they take.

    At this time it appears it should be done by November.

    2) Japan currently isn’t letting in Americans. TRUE

    Waving a passport does not speed up the process. Having HEALTHY fellow citizens does. Maybe a little more masking and social distancing would help you get to your objective.

     I’m not sure when they will let us in again...

    Guess what? NO ONE KNOWS when or if the Japanese will let others in.

     Flights round trip are RIDICULOUSLY cheap right now  TRUE. You are warned to READ the cancellation refund, change portion BEFORE you pay just in case plans change.

    The way US University students have behaved may delay this until next year. It will be obvious to all by the end of September how they did with behaving as instructed.

    Not many places on the planet are laying out the welcome mat for the citizens of a Covid ravaged country imploding on itself wrapping themselves in the constitution instead of facial masks.


  • 2 months ago

    The way things are going, it's highly unlikely that the countries with bans on American tourists will lift them by November. If only people would wear their masks and socially distance...Book the flight- you can get a credit for a future flight if you can't go in November. 

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  • Nicey8
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    2 months ago

    It is better to go next year. it is best to stay home in this covid situation.

    If someone contracts covid in a foreign land, he has to pay for expensive medical fees in the foreign country.

  • 2 months ago

    Make certain you will be alowed in Japan, and check how long a self quarantine you will need to take on both ends. You might have trouble getting back into the USA, depending if you must make connecting flights. You are certain your boyfriend wants this risk for you both??

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