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Stocking Advice for a 33 Long?

I'm trying to plan out a tank. Would 1 male betta, 20 rummynose tetra, 12 panda cory, and 10 amano shrimp work for a 33 long? Thanks for your help.

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  • 4 months ago

    After a short time the BETA will be all you have.

  • Dave
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    4 months ago

    Why so many cory's?

  • 4 months ago

    Too little info on the basics of your tank first of all. The long low tank would best serve as a tank for schooling fish like the rummy nose. Shrimp tanks are a single species tank for most hobbyist with a good general knowledge of their needs. As far as the cory cats make sure to use a soft substrate like sand to keep them happy and healthy. Large course gravel over time can cause damage to their mouth parts as they try to feed. Long fin fish like betas can easily become targets even for schooling fish, They will do better alone in a smaller tank with little to no water movement from filtration.  They evolved to live in this type of environment with the ability to take oxygen strait from the surface of the water.

  • kswck2
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    4 months ago

    Figure on one inch of fish per gallon. The Betta may not be able to handle the current created by the filter in the tank. 

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  • Akeath
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    4 months ago

    I would say you are a bit on the heavily stocked side, and you might do better knocking down both schools by 2-3 fish to give some wiggle room for missing an occasional water change or accidentally overfeeding.

    Also, there are some temperature incompatibilities there. Betta require 78-82 degrees. However, Panda Corycats are from mountain streams, and when kept at 78 degrees or higher they can actually start dying or having a significantly lower lifespan. Panda Cories are one of the more fragile species of Cory, and will require very clean water. Instead I would recommend Sterbai Corycats, which do better in 75-86 degrees and are a bit hardier.

    You may also have some issues keeping Betta with Amano Shrimp, as they may pick on and eat the shrimp.

    If you get a male Betta, there is some question whether they would tolerate the Rummynose. Some male Betta are more aggressive than others. You may have better luck with a female Betta or a male you already see working at the pet store in a community tank. It would be best to have a separate 5 gallon tank ready in case the Betta ends up being too aggressive to work in a community. Alternately, you could try a related but more peaceful fish such as a Honey Gourami as the centerpiece. Honeys are much better community fish, can tolerate cooler temperatures so that they can be kept with Panda Cories, are less likely to bother invertebrates, and can be kept in groups of 2-3 as long as there is only one male.

  • 4 months ago

    The shrimp are likly to get eaten. but you could add as many as you want.

    The highest i would go is 12 rummy nose, and 8 cories, and if you dont have a back up plan, dont try the betta.  Some bettas will thrive whith tank mates , but other will be aggressive, or stressed, or will not be able to compete for food.  So you will need to monitor carefully at first.

    The guidline you often here about is one gallon of water for each small fish. But in almost every instance that leads to an overstocked tank.  Is this your fist tank?  Start with reasonable numbers like I suggested, seee how it goes for 6 - 7 ,momths, is it easy to keep the tank cycled?, whith nitrates near or under 25ppm?  you can always add more fish later, and an with an established filter you are likely to have more success.

  • enn
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    4 months ago

    I think so. A good rule of thumb is 1 cup of water per fish under 20cm long. I think this tank should hold this group fine with basic filtering in place. Good luck!

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