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Should I continue playing the sport I've been doing for a long time, even if I don't enjoy it as much?

So I have been playing tennis since I was around 5-6, and I am 12 now. The first few years I obviously wasn't seriously good and didn't take it that seriously in general, but then around when I turned 9 I started taking it more seriously. Right now I would say I'm good for my age, because I've put in quite a bit of effort into it. But as of right now I'm not enjoying it as much. Like whenever my dad or someone asks if I want to play tennis, I don't get that same feeling of excitement as when I was younger. I also do not want to play in tournaments whatsoever. Unfortunately for me though, my parents want me to continue with the sport. First of all, I don't really have anything else to do, so I feel like they also don't want me having as much screen time :/. (Also if there are any other activities that are fun please lmk lol) They also think that I've put in so much effort and gotten so good at it that they'd think I'd be throwing all of that away. I'd be fine with hitting every once and a while but I don't really enjoy hitting weekly and doing tournaments and stuff. I'm still doing the sport right now because they're not just going to let me stop playing. Idk what to do about this situation, considering I do not enjoy it anymore, yet my parents are practically still making me do it. If you could answer this, that would be amazing and thank all of you

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