30 years old and NEVER travelled ? ADVICE ASAP ?

I have never travelled I’m a mother of two kids under 10. 

I don’t know where to start with travelling . I’ve had my passport sit in my cupboard for two years. 

I want to bring the kids on some holidays but not all and I also don’t have help from family or friends. 

My boyfriend can’t travel due to high working demands. 

I need to travel and why am I held back so much. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Am absolutely tired of feeling like I’ll never travel . 


Plus my boyfriend said travelling isn’t important. We have been together five years and never travelled 

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    Depends a lot on WHERE you are. The children will enjoy childish things like feeding animals in a petting zoo. The beauty of nature and lights of the city probably won't make much impact. 

    I guess you are Canadian, as THEY say "on holidays" Americans say "vacation" -a word you don't use. Also it is British to spell traveling with 2 "Ls" as you do. Maybe you ARE British! (so much for my sleuthing)

    If lucky enough to be in Britain and not Canada, take a car trip to France. Find some "kiddy" entertainments suited to your children's likes. YOU will enjoy the diversity of the towns and villages. Castles? perhaps. Maybe your children like kings of old and castles!

    Canada can offer a lot as well, find a far away town or city (2-3 hours) so driving is not too hard on the family. (you or the kids) Likewise, visit some places your children should like. Again, YOU will enjoy the mountains, lakes, flowers, etc you see and stop and photograph. 

    Of course you may wish to fly far off. Still, once you arrive, you will need attractions suitable for the children's ages, AS WELL AS YOURS.

    We have dragged our child for 13 years across the Atlantic over 50 times. He never says "are we there yet" as he knows "travel" is a long way. For 4 years he has continent-hopped alone several times. First at 13 to a summer camp, Artek, in Russia. Good luck in breaking-in your family to travel.

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    Maybe the three of you would enjoy Disneyland or Williamsburg, Virginia. 

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    Okay... what is your departure location and where do you intend to go? (If Hawaii, please wait until the pandemic is over.)

    Here is my 2 cents worth...

    1.) Do your research. Find out how much you will need to fund your trip.

    2.) Consider package deals. Package deals makes it easier for you as you are first time traveler. It will include air travel, lodging, and rental car (optional.)

    3.) Bring only what you need. Make sure you have enough space in your baggage if you want to bring things home with you.

    4.) Airport security. Since I don't know your departure location. I can only assume the U.S. See link for advice for getting through security. It is easier than you think. https://www.tsa.gov/travel    

    "My boyfriend can’t travel due to high working demands.",, My condolences to your boyfriend. As a former engineer who nearly burnt himself out, tell him to not kill himself for the employer.

    Source(s): Former engineer currently working part-time as a TSA officer.
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    Take stomach ache pills with you such as Alka Seltzer and Bismuth. 

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    My advice would be to accept that when we choose to have kids we sign up for several years of not having a life of our own. The only reason to travel with small children is to visit relatives or something because you just can't do tourist things with a couple of kids in tow. In short, it's not a holiday and it's more stressful than just staying home. So either find someone to mind the kids and go on your own or wait until your partner can travel with you. I speak from experience on this. 

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    OK - so look at your budget and other options (eg annual leave provisions), and consider what kind of holiday you want. 

    Then plan accordingly.

    (Obviously not for this year though)

    Make sure you factor in the cost of getting your kids passports, travel insurance etc.

    Also; you live in a massive diverse country. You don't have to leave the country to travel.  

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    You haven't picked the best time to get the urge to travel, what with lockdowns and restrictions all over the place, and with international travel even more difficult than domestic travel. And if you leave the country, your children will also need passports.

    Start travelling by taking short trips to nearby places with the kids, day trips, or stay away a night or two or three. If you can stay in campgrounds, so much the better. It's cheaper, and right now it's probably safer. I don't know why you'd need help. My mother used to take us camping, all five of us, 13 down to 3 years old. In a medium size car. We slept in a tent.

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    ANY journey starts with the first step. Pick a direction and just go.

    You will never see it all. Over 200 countries on the planet to explore including YOURS.

    No need to have months long adventures for your first journey. A day a weekend a week at some place distant from you.

    So your BF remains at home. SO WHAT you can when you return tell of your adventures.

    Looking at a picture of a beach is not the same as feeling the sand under your toes or hearing the sea birds or waves of the water.

    Some just do not want to travel. Let them be. It is not a reason for you to sit at home and wonder what is just down the road around the next corner.

    Maybe an adventure by train or a group bus tour for your first adventure.

    HUMAN Travel Agents have been helping people travel for decades maybe time to have a chat with one near you for some ideas of where to go for your first adventure.

    During this time of Covid issues best not to travel too far.


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