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Trump appeals to the religious right by messing with a woman's right to choose..dishonestly..why does dishonesty appeal to fundies?

Emails Expose Anti-Abortion Groups’ Influence on Public Health Official secret

6/18/2020 by VIOLET RAWLINGS

Earlier this month, the Campaign for Accountability—a nonpartisan and nonprofit watchdog organization focused on the ethical misconduct and wrongdoing of public officials—released communications from Dr. Diane Foley, current deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

The documents contain correspondence between Foley and anti-abortion organizations—including Focus on the Family, Live Action, Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation—about the promotion of “natural family planning methods” over hormonal and barrier birth control.

Feminists first raised red flags on Foley back in 2018 when Donald Trump first appointed the former president and CEO of anti-abortion organization Life Network to direct government funding for reproductive health.

Ironically, as the head of the Office of Population Affairs, Foley is in charge of the Title X Family Planning Program, a federal grant program that enables public and non-profit health organizations to provide affordable, comprehensive and effective services.

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    It doesn't make sense. These "Christian" people are just fine with trump cheating on his wife, making fun of disabled people and bullying anyone who doesn't agree with him. That's Chrisitanity?

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    The term ‘Religious Right’ is meaningless except in the USA.

    In the rest of the world the  Church stands very much on tne Left.

    In the U.K., Christians on the Left is the largest ‘sub group’ within tne Labour Party

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    Yes talking to pro life groups is a cardinal sin in liberal logic. Despite the mulatto king talking to pro death groups like planned parenthood.

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    You anti founder traitors need be treated like those of 1808 would have handled you.

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