Is it colic or something else?

Around 3-4 weeks old when my son started being awake more he constantly is screaming. He is now 9 weeks.  I’ve tried everything out there for gas. Gas drops, gripe water, probiotics, colic calm you name it I’ve tried it.  Nothing works or helps.  I have WIC so the the formula they provide is Gerber.  He started on Gerber gentle, but he screams like he’s in pain even when he’s eating.  He was not constipated on that though.   So my doctor suggested the Gerber soothe.  It made everything worse on top of making him constipated.  So then my doctor suggested trying similac pro advance thinking maybe it was just the Gerber brand making his belly upset.  That also did not work.  She then had me try Alimentum which seemed to help with the fussiness but in turn he ended up fussy again because he couldn’t poop.  The only formula I haven’t tried is soy which for whatever reason doctors do not recommend unless it’s a must.  I just don’t want him to be in pain anymore.  Anyone with similar experiences what worked for you? 

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  • 6 months ago
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    I would want him checked for reflux. Heartburn can cause the pain that makes him cry.

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