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How many white slaves were there in colonial America?


I didn’t ask specifically about chattel slavery.   I’m talking about people who were enslaved in any manner.   I’m not talking about people who voluntarily did a short stint as an indentured servant in return for passage.   

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Anon, thanks for the supporting link.   

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    Over 300,000 whites were shipped and sold into slavery.  

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    Where are my reparations??

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    It doesnt matter because white lives dont matter.

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    Hundreds of thousands, way too many to count.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    There were between 300,000 and 500,000 white slaves in colonial America.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    The ones with white and blond slaves I think were the Sumerians.

  • Al
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    Slavery has been present as long as man has been on this earth, every culture has experienced some form of slavery, even Britain sent Prisoners as slaves to help colonize Australia, slavery comes in many flavors, right now we live in financial slavery...don't think so? see what happens when you stop paying your taxes.

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    Indentured servants - they were bonded to whoever owned their contract and had to work for them. Their CONTRACT could be bought and sold, but they weren't property and they had some (limited) rights. Treatment was often harsh, but again - they did have some rights. Their children would be born free. A large proportion of early colonists came to the colonies as indentured servants (they couldn't afford the passage, and so bonded themselves to work it off), but the numbers became very small by the time of the revolution. It didn't completely die off until the 20th century though. Once an indentured servant worked their debt off they were free - this was recognised in law.

    Chattel slaves - they were owned as property. They could be bought and sold, and their owner could do *whatever they wanted* with them. The children of slaves were born into slavery. Slaves could only be freed by their masters, they had no way of working their way out of freedom. If a slave disobeyed the law they were treated *much* harsher than if an indentured servant disobeyed it.

    White people were *never* held as chattel slaves. Even those who were forced into coming to the New World as criminals were only held as indentured servants - once they'd served their time they could become free.

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    There were many indentured servants and there were lots of white slaves taken by the indigenous native tribes.  There were also hundreds of thousands of white slaves taken by the Ottoman empire.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Indentured servitude is different then chattel slavery.  Indentured servitude was temporary, with a beginning and an end.  Chattel slavery was suppose to be permanent.  The children of servants were free; the children of slaves were property

    There were zero white chattel slaves in the US.

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