If woman are equal to men, why have they been submissive throughout all of human history?

As in, if woman were equal, then couldn't they have naturally been dominate in some areas of human life rather than only now having to fight for equality? If woman are equal why weren't they all of human life?

Serious question.

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  • 3 months ago
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    Women are the weaker sex physically. Which unfortunately means power for most areas throughout all of history. I don't think that means that women are the weaker sex overall. I don't really think you can prove who is because honestly it doesn't even really matter. 

  • 3 months ago

    women are not submissive, they are covert.

  • 3 months ago

    Because men have pick mentality and work together to keep them down. 

    Women are sex, and sex is the most powerful resource to men.

    Men got together and work together and stay together to keep their resource in their hands where they need it. 

    They also use violence and their larger size to threaten their resource. 

    Women don’t need men as much and aren’t as desperate to keep where they need them. 

    Women want to live in harmony. 

    Men are greed and want war, men are always fighting and conquering. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Women aren't submissive to men these days and physical strength isn't very relevant as an expression of power.

    Some women still choose to be submissive to get a man to pay for them under an arrangement called marriage. It often turns out to be a Trojan horse of submissive behavior because once she has half of your possessions locked up she becomes the boss.

    Many women are bossier and more dominant than men in modern times so you can turn the question around and ask "Are men still equal to women?".

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Because women are actually not equal to men. Women are weaker which is why women can’t be dominant throughout history. But in intelligence we’re pretty similar which is why in this modern society women can advance as much as men if not better at times.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Historically, men and women had "gender roles" which also varied depending on class. If you were born rich, as a man, you might simply enjoy your life of luxury or lead an army into battle or run a country. As a woman, you would typically bear children (heirs) for your husband but you would have domestic staff who would care for the kids, cook, clean the house etc. Many of these women would be "accomplished" - in that they could play, sing, ride horses, read, speak languages etc. Of course, there were female leaders/Queens, but they were born into that position (as were kings.)

    If you were a poor man, you would work as a serf, in a mine, in a factory (depending on the time period) and as a woman you might also be expected to work. Poor people had no power, despite outnumbering the rich. Does this mean they were "submissive" or just that social hierarchy and expectations resulted in conformity. 

    When the middle classes emerged, men and women adopted what we consider "traditional" values. I.e. men went to work, usually in an office, and women stayed home to clean the house, cook, and look after the children. As domestic appliances became widespread and affordable, this allowed women to have more freedom with their time and they were emancipated from these roles. They saw a different path available to them, and they took it.

    You're viewing gender roles (as in biological ones) as meaning that women were submissive and inferior. However, men and women just had different roles and didn't have the means or the inclination to change it at that time. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Every formerly oppressed group is inferior and assumedly deserves less right?

  • Bill
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    3 months ago

    First of all, Laela is wrong about men. There is a lot of power struggles among men and always have been. A big motivator of male crime is in fact power and the struggles between men for it. 

    Another thing to note is that as society has progressed the men at the top became less and less capable of maintaining their position themselves. Seventy year old men leading the nation is a joke not only in terms of them being old, but in terms of their ability to actually be worthy of leading younger more physically capable men. 

    In any event, western society is built on a lot of factually false narratives. One of those false narratives is that the sexes are equals when in reality the sexes have different strengths and weaknesses and can not fully replace the other. 

  • 3 months ago

    And all males are equal to other males?  The lower male always submits to the higher male, this we all know and you go and talk about submissive women. Submissive women even submit to higher females. And equality is nothing but a pain in the bloody head.  It is much easier and wiser to maintain a 65:35/65:35 scenario than to maintain a 50:50 scenario. In the 65:35/35:65 scenarios each side has a full understanding of each other's place while in a 50:50 no one cares as long as the 50:50 scenario is maintained and then on top of that they sit there watching each other making sure each other is doing their part. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    feminists know doormats are a bigger problem than beggars :) 

    if feminists' job is to clean up after doormats, why are doormats still reaping what we sow?

    oh btw, i'm not "equal" to beggars... never!

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