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Dual citizenship?

question? i was born in philippines. and citizen of the usa. I'm planning to travel to ph but somebody told i need to apply for dual citizenship in order to travel or visit to ph. is it true?

Thanks in advance

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    NO.... YOU need a visa..

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    What makes you think you are a Filipino?  Being born in the Philippines is irrelevant, you need a Filipino parent to be a Filipino.  Even with a Filipino parent, if you  naturalised in the US, you lost your citizenship.  You can only keep both if you were born with both.  You may be only a US citizen.  Best way to find out is to apply for a first passport and see what they say. 

    As a tourist you can enter the country on a US passport so no problem.

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    When someone has more than one citizenship they are called a "dual-national" if it is two citizenships and a multi-national when they have more than two. . 

    You need passports from both countries. When traveling between the UA and the Philippines in your case it works like this:

    If your name on your US passport and your Philippines passport are not > exactly < the same then buy the ticket using the name in your US passport.

    You show both passports to the airline check in agent when leaving the USA.

    Show your US passport and the boarding pass to TSA.

    When you enter the Philippines show only your Philippines passport to the Immigration Officer.

    Show the US passport when changing planes in other countries on the way to and from the Philippines.

    When exiting the Philippines on the way to the USA show both passports to the airline check in agent.

    You can show either passport to airport security in the Philippines unless the names don't match. If they don't match then you have to show the US passport.

    Show only the Philippines passport to Philippines Immigration when exiting.

    Show only your US passport to US Immigration when entering the USA. 

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    You cannot apply for dual citizenship.  It is impossible as it does not exist.  If the USA thinks you are a citizen, and the Philippines does as well, you ARE a dual citizen, by definition.  To live in the Philippines, being a citizen certainly helps, but, to just travel there, it is not required.

    I was born in the UK, but grew up in Canada and obtained citizenship there.  I travelled to the UK as a Canadian, on a Canadian passport, even though I am also a citizen of the UK.

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  • RICK
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    2 months ago

    Not true

    Makes it easier if you want to stay longer but not necessary  (I have family members in the same situation  so speak from first hand knowledge)

    An American citizen is allowed 30 days with just a passport, if you want to stay longer take a copy of your birth certificate and when you go through  immigration  ask for the Balikbayan program, you can then stay up to one year.

     Just a note, at the present time only Filipino  citizens are allowed to enter the country due to the virus,  According to friends and family who live there the Philippine  Department  of Tourism  says it will be mid 2021 at the earliest  before tourists  are allowed in

  • Foofa
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    You could always visit as a US tourist and wouldn't require citizenship for that. The Philippines doesn't generally allow dual citizenship unless one applies for it and is approved. So you may have lost your PI citizenship when you naturalized in the US. 

  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    No it is not true. However the phillipines now have a 14 day quarantein when you arrive.

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    You can stay as a tourist for up to 30 days.  If you still have family there and think that you might travel more often or want to stay longer, it may be beneficial to you to have a passport.

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    No.  That person doesn't know what she's talking about.

  • Anonymous
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