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Should I keep quiet or mention it at MEPS?

I've had a bit of experience with counseling mainly for school and to help me get better at organization and making sure I stay on top of my school work. I first went when I was about 9 or 10 but my parents talked me into going and I only went maybe three times, and I asked them to get me out of it and they did, and then I didn't go until I was about 13 or 14 and that was for school too and a bit of home issues and then I stopped going for about a year and went back to see how things were going and that was basically family therapy. I've never self mutilated or anything of that sort. What should I do? 

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    There's no reason to tell them. 

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    The paperwork you fill out when making application to the military gives them permission to access any document ever created about you, and to interview anyone who has ever known you.  That application is a legal federal document and falsifying information, or making intentional omissions, is a crime..... A FEDERAL FELONY.  How thorough can they be?  Well, in my case, after I had applied for Air Force Officer flight training, the FBI investigated my background and went so far back as to interview people who had been my family's neighbors when I was 4 years old.



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    If you dont tell them and get found out later you will be discharged for enlisting  under fraudulent  conditions.  Which is (or at least was when I was in) an Other Than Honorable  discharge. And yes it is one of the questions on the health questionnaire 

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    That isn't something they would ask about.  Just tell the truth to what they ask.

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    Disclose everything 

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