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Hello, I am a permanent resident(Green Card Holder) in the state of NJ. I completed and submitted my N400 - Naturalization application back in October 2019, and also submitted biometrics in November 2019, ever since i have not heard anything due to back log of covid-19 related issues. My question is 2 years ago i got a ticket Leaving the Scene of an Accident in New Jersey only property damage (39:4-129 & 2C:12-1.1) in NJ , however due to severity of the case, and wrongfully charged w this local municipal judge downgraded this to a much less serious offense: Failure to Report Accident, N.J.S.A. 39:4-130 with a fine of 100$ and no traffic points. As mentioned above, i have not heard anything about this offense making me ineligible to become US citizen yet, because this offense i assume does not fall under "crimes involving moral turpitude" anyone who is experienced in these topics, please enlighten me. Does this offense constitute something very serious in terms of N400 Naturalization process ? 

Thanks you very much! 

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    I cannot imagine that failure to report a accident that involved only property damage would cause you to be turned down for naturalisation.  They care more that you have filed your tax returns and paid your taxes.  Your time frame is so far pretty normal.  It takes about six months for your background checks etc to be completed. 

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