I wear subtle makeup but my boyfriend still thinks it's too much and not discrete enough, help?

I love makeup but I always put a lot of effort into it to make it look natural. I wear just a tiny bit of everything and the textures are light, the colors or natural and fit my undertone. Lipstick and blush is s medium shade of pink. Yet my boyfriend makes me feel like I wear way too much. I have says when I feel great and don't wear eyemakeup, and he doesn't say anything. So it doesn't even seem to matter to him! But I don't always feel that good. I don't always sparkle naturally.

I start by applying a drop of foundation all over my face. I have pretty good skin. Then I use some concealer under my eyes, some powder and non shimmery highlighter. Then I use a fresh pink blush that is almost completely matte with no shimmer. I love blush but I keep the application light. Then I fill in my brows with light ash brown powder. I apply a quattro eyeshadow according to Lisa Elridges and many other makeup artists' tips, in neutral colors. Sometimes maybe a bit shimmery. Then eyeliner in a matte brown and one light coat of mascara on curled lashes. I finish with some shimmer in the inner corners, a sheer pink lipstick and some nude lipliner.

To me this is a wholesome makeup that took me years to learn and it breaks my heart that he doesn't like it. Men will drool over "natural" beauties who are actually wearing makeup too, they just won the genetic lotery... He called me a beautiful woman so obviously the makeup is not a real problem... is he the problem?

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    2 months ago
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    You do what you want and don’t ever listen to men, they don’t know much about make up and the mature ones will never say a thing.  If it’s a growing problem tell him that atleast you don’t spend hundreds on filler to transform your face, and explain you wear a bit of makeup to enhance your already good features and that you’d appreciate if he stopped hounding you. 

  • Jack
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    4 weeks ago

    I actually like well made up women so can't speak too much to his tastes, but I think if he feels this way, maybe do less steps, like wear lip gloss and mascara and that's it. Maybe on you, you have good skin and it looks like a lot. For when he says nothing, I guarantee you he has no idea he does that, it's typical male behavior.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes, there’s definitely something wrong with your boyfriend because any normal man loves a woman who cakes on her makeup as thick as possible. They love the heavy contour, they love the fake lashesM they love the Kylie Jenner lip injections... they love fakeness, so there’s seriously something wrong with your boyfriend if he wants you to look natural

  • 2 months ago

    your boyfriend shouldn't be controlling what you wear or how you want to look, if your boyfriend is making you feel bad about how you want to look and what makes you happy you should really consider getting a new one or at least confronting him, this isn't a healthy relationship.

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  • 2 months ago

    It's all a matter of taste. When I was single, guys who thought I looked "better" with make up quickly got crossed off my list of people worth spending time with. I was a surfer/ beach freak (actress) and was accustom to being wash/wear head to toe whenever, where ever unless working. So if a guy thought a gal needed to wear makeup? I'd have nothing to do with him. You WANT to wear make up, apparently take great pride in your artistry and want a man who appreciates that. Ultimately, you are in charge of who you hang with! Finding someone you need to change or who needs to change you is unlikely to bring you much in the way of long run happiness. 

  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    get a new non controlling boyfriend

  • 2 months ago

    No he is not the problem.  That he disdains makeup on beautiful women is not a problem.  The problem is that you are insisting on using makeup when he has told you that he prefers you au naturale.  

    If he can tolerate you made up, will you still be with him?  

    You're not likely to change his preferences; those are a matter of taste.  To change him to like you with makeup would be like causing him suddenly to like broccoli when he really hates the stuff.  You really can't change preferences like that.

    So you really have only two options:  he learns to tolerate you with makeup on or you find another boyfriend.

  • 2 months ago

    Are you using any more than when he met you???

    No? Then tell him to mind his own damned business. 

    Yes? Take a look at what you want,

    and then tell him to mind him own damned business.

  • 2 months ago

    do what you want, dont let him dictate your choices. I would dump a guy if he wasnt even letting me have autonomy over my own appearance

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