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Travel Restrictions to South Korea Right Now?

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So, I’m planning to travel to South Korea in November this year and I’m curious about the Travel Restrictions during this Covid-19 era.

I know that when you arrive in Korea, you’ll have to be quarantined at their designated facility for 14 days.

My question is: What if I have family (Korean citizens), can I bypass the 14 day quarantine period and enter the country by going straight to my family’s home?

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    No one knows what the procedure for entering the country on a foreign passport will look like three or four months from now. That will depend on how things are looking at that time. Whether you have family in Korea or not isn't the issue - it's all about which passport and/or visa you hold. If you don't possess an F series visa, then you're not going to be permitted to self-quarantine, even if you're blood related to the president. All foreigners are required to quarantine at the government facility if they do not possess an F series visa - those are reserved for permanent residents, the spouses and dependents of Korean nationals, or overseas Koreans. If you don't have one, be ready to quarantine if the order is still in place. 

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    If quarantine is still in place by then; no, you don't get to skip quarantine just because you know people who live there. Obviously.

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