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how is goat manure ranked for garden use?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Goats are not as common as chickens or sheep or as big as cow or horse.  It is more like rabbit "pellets". Goats eat everything and anything and drink a small amount of water. Food is half dissolved with leaves still showing.(goats do not have 4 stomachs like cows.)Processing facilities. Probably why they got "pellet pooh".  It isn't special. Takes a long time to gather 100lb bags of it. Chicken schit is for the most part in the hen easy to clean the floors and take out bags of it.Best is horse schit, then bull schit, and cow schit the elephant turds(especially fresh & still hot as it comes out the "bakery oven".

      Dumb schit is not worth whatever you GOP politician says is worth nothing.

  • Edwena
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    2 months ago

    Not good.  Assuming it is the same as sheep manure.   Sheep manure cannot be used as an additive to soil/mulch because there is something in it that will kill the planting.  One time years ago, we had a concrete "planter" made that was 8 feet square and raised about a foot.  The idea was to buy manure and raise the bed above grade and a "potting soil" grade dirt made in the planter.  Of which we intended to plant a peach tree and have superb peaches.   So, my husband took the pick up truck to the fancy nursery in the big city and ended up buying bags of sheep manure instead of regular cow manure.  He though it would be better.  Built up the soil, etc. planted the peach tree and it died.  A death that you could tell there was something wrong with the dirt. So phone calls and research, and it turns out that sheep manure has something like too much urine in it or too much nitrogen, or something, but it will kill your plants.  It takes a year to decompose.  The next year we planted a peach tree and had one of the most remarkable trees for about 10 years.   If you will note, you cannot buy sheep manure and chicken manure in bags at the Walmart, Home Depot nursery.   There is a reason.

  • 2 months ago

    Pretty good I think.  It doesn't burn plants, so can be scattered directly on the soil.

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