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Is this true?

Nuclear power plants built using Thorium don't have a danger of melting down, and they produce no greenhouse gases?

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    Yes. Google LFTR

    The thorium reactor was developed by the U.S. during the Cold War but they were abandoned because of the "need" for weapons grade plutonium. Thorium reactors do not produce plutonium, so they were shelved. This is actually another important benefit of the LFTR. Not only do they produce about 1% of the waste of a uranium reactor, the waste that's produced doesn't have to housed for tens of thousands of years as is the case for waste containing plutonium. A LFTR cannot melt down because the fuel is already a liquid. Should a violent accident occur at the reactor - imagine an earthquake ripping the reactor building apart - all that would happen is that the liquid fuel would flow out and immediately solidify. No active cooling system is required for a LFTR. All of the people running the plant could drop dead at the same moment and the plant would shut itself down, completely passively.

    Currently China, India and Australia are actively pursuing liquid thorium salt reactor technology. Significant development work remains, as the reactor is only one part of the plant. There is a chemical processing facility that continuously processes the liquid fuel to remove wastes. That's actually the harder part of building a functioning plant. 

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    yes, the reactor holds molten salt and can get no hotter than the melting temp of the salt

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    Sure...and this is the future prior nuclear fusion 

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    There are "unconditionally safe" reactor designs where the fuel is encased in glass so that it can't run away no matter what.

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    Yes, nuclear power plants built using Thorium don't have a danger of melting down, and they produce no greenhouse gases for the simple reason that they don't exist.

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    Yes, Thorium reactors produce less nuclear waste but are presently experimental and require lots of work to make them efficient enough to build a plant.

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    of course it produces greenhousegases. the ore needs to be mined, transported and processed.

    It's supposed to be safer than uranium-reactors, but at this time there are no functional thorium-reactors yet.

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    Not actually... But its a lot safer, relatively speaking, with other nuclear reactors and less capable for weaponizing..

    If my understanding is correct, the purpose of thorium in reactors is to produce plutonium and uranium(233? i think..) through neutron bombardment...  

    basically, its a breeder reactor... A reactor that creates its own fuel..

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