Which verse in Genesis implies no heaven?

We sometimes are visited by those who go around neighborhoods with booklets and they represent denominations which we are not knowledgeable about. Last year they left a brochure (since have been discarded) with us and they pointed to a verse in Genesis that says there is no heaven. What is that verse? Thanks.


There is a verse that clearly says there is no heaven. We think it is in Genesis. It appeared on a brochure given to us by a door knocker and they had the verse to try to show us there is no heaven according to that verse. It's been many months and we don't remember the verse. 

Update 2:

When they come back I'll get the verse. I read it and it mentioned not departing the earth once being saved and deceased. 

Update 3:

When they come back I'll get the verse and post it here.

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    Heaven is mentioned (depending on the translation) from 622 to 692 times in the Bible. So I doubt there is a scripture that specifically states there is no heaven.

    But heaven as a "reward" or destination for souls is strictly conjecture in the Old Testament and only promised specifically in the New Testament.

    The reason is simple, until Satan was proven guilty/wrong mankind had no hope of entering heaven. It took the defeating of Satan for the chance to enter heaven to be offered.

  • Those visitors with the pamphlets in their hands, are they called Witnesses of the Tower of Guardians?

    The word of God describes them as the Antichrist!

    That heretical religion inculcates people that heaven will be on earth again, while the word of God tells us that heaven is in his kingdom!

    On earth there will be no heaven, for it is written that the end of the world as a human system will come, and then God will begin with his judgment.

    Those who have done good, and His will, will be in His kingdom, and those who have done evil, will be condemned to hell, which the Witnesses, Charlatans, deny that there is hell.

    The thief, repentant on the cross, said to: "Jesus, remember me when you enter your kingdom!" And he said to him, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in heaven." Luke 23:39-43.So, does this truth cut the so-called Witnesses of the Guardians?

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    6 months ago

    Our common sense tells us that there's no Heaven. It's a silly fable for children and gullible adults.

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    6 months ago

    1 Samuel is about the only place some kind of afterlife might exist .

     Saul is questing that very issue and finds Endor who was a woman divintory 

    and summons up Saul's former advisor Samuel the prophet from the grave .

     Implications are tangent from all degrees and Samuel was upset and looked dead 

    rather than alive and only predicted Saul would die the next day .

     Samuel is portrayed like Gampa who was woken from a nap to be ask if he wanted tapioca and only wanted to sleep so he was like WTF.

     The entire purpose of Moses conveying gods' law was for instructions on how 

    to live on earth and Moses never taught  anything about some beyond situation 

    so the Jewish belief has no way of following what was never taught by Moses 

    Cherry picking some MAYBE verse out of a fairy tale is impossible .

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