Foreclosure auctions and defendant with lawyer?

Some of our county auctions have an attorney representing the defendant. they are present to try to retain the home for the home owner. Can we assume that the ones we would have the greatest chance of being the high bidder are the ones where the defendant is not represented. Which implies they have walked away from it or planning to move when the bank or an individual bidder gains ownership?


The point was if the defendant has an attorney that would have us be bidding against that lawyer trying to save the house for the foreclosed on, the lawyer bidding for the bank and any other interested John Doe. If the denfendant is not represented that makes it us against the bank and they will stop bidding at a predetermined number based on what they feel they can get by selling it. 

Update 2:

Plaintiff (BANK) lawyers: A. Grant, G. Murrell 

Defendant lawyer for the foreclosed on person who still owns the house until the auction is over. C. Goean

 Foreclosure Disposed

...........We have a better chance of being the new owner if the foreclosed on person is not present and is not represented and they have no help to get to keep the house. That is how it is done in our county. We spoke to a lawyer who represents most of the banks who are too far away to send their own lawyer here.

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    You can be confident that the person who makes the highest bid when the hammer goes down wins and that means they own the house regardless of attornies there or not

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    First Rule of the Law:  Never assume anything.  And if the bank/lender followed foreclosure laws, the house WILL be foreclosed on.  Entitled little brats have just X number of days to come up with the money they owe and are behind in paying.  If they didn't have it and pay it in time, then the house will be foreclosed on.

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    You don't seem to understand how the process works.  The home goes to auction when foreclosure is completed.  At that point the owner and his/her attorney are out of the picture.  Most of the time the home will go back to the bank because no one will bid the mortgage balance.

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