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Not sure if this the correct place to ask but going to ask anyways.   Anyone help me with my letter please ?

Dear: Yvette,

I am writing because I feel as a security guard I work from the hours of 7.30 pm to 4.00 am. I am working at Chula Vista California Broadway plaza. The issue is after 11.00 pm all the local businesses close down then their is no longer any restroom access. I addressed the issue with my co worker Gina.

 Gina and I decided to buy ourselves camping portable toilet from the local Walmart. 

  We sent an e mail to our supervisor. Janes who we let know about our situation, that we are willing to purchase the toilet as a solution to our issue. Janes contacted us back and approved our request. James went to his supervisor and he is now aware of the situation as well. James after is now in the process of getting a key made for a room that is empty and never used so we can store the toilet.  

Now their are some issues , concerns I now have. I just wanted myself and Gina to be able to have access and able to use the toilet. Gina claims the supervisor. James stated everyone will have access and able to use it. I do not believe that is right because our company is not paying for it Gina and I are. I did not want all the other guards to know about it. Because I did not want the issues of someone misplacing the key, breaking the toilet, not cleaning up after each usage therefore we would lose room access. I really did not want to share this toilet with possibly who knows how many people. I am now reculant to purchase it unless others help with the purchase too.

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    Too long. "My co-worker Gina and I work as security guards at Chula ---- from 7:30 p.m. to 4 a.m.  Our problem is we have no restrooms available after 11 p.m.  One solution would be for Gina and I to buy our own portable camping toilet.  We ran this by our supervisor James and he approved, and is having a key made for the empty room that will serve as the "bathroom."  However, James feels everyone should have access to the toilet, but I objected because ---, --- ,  ----. Do you have any other (better) suggestions or solutions??  Sincerely yours, ..... 

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    Dude get out of here it's not a story if you can't be helpful bug off.

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