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Equestrian help please?

this September I’ll have been riding for a year and I used to do English I think it was hunt seat then I decided I wanted to do western but I wanted to know if I decided to not do huntseat but to jump if I could since I m not doing hunt seat ( I don’t really like hunt seat lol ) please help and sorry if this is confusing 

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    A western saddle isn't designed for jumping. I switched from English to Western but could never really get into it. It was a good experience but you find very few western trained horses here and everything seems to go up in price when it's western style. And I didn't like the way western looked, I just wanted to try it for the experience.

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    The saddle seat saddle is designed for high leg action (like TW or ASB), not for jumping. z6 is correct.

    If you do not like a particular saddle then perhaps it does not fit the horse or does not fit you. 

    You might enjoy learning about modern jumping, as developed by Federico Caprilli, and comparing it with the styles used before 1900, some of which look severely uncomfortable for both horse and rider.

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    In general, only hunt seat riders jump. 

    Western riders may occasionally do a small jump in a trail class or a ranch horse class, but that's about the extent of it.

    I've never known saddle seat riders to jump.

    The main reason is the construction of the saddle.  The hunt seat saddle is designed to give the horse maximum freedom of flexion through the spine, so he goes over the jump in an arc.  This is easiest for him, and allows him to jump freely and jump his highest/widest without interference.

    Western saddles are much longer from front to back and almost completely straight.  The do not bed with the arc of the spine over the jump and have no flexion to allow the spine to flex.

    Saddle seat saddles have the same issues.

    If you want to jump, it's best for you and the horse to ride hunt seat, which is designed for jumping. 

    If you want to jump and you want to do a different style as well, go ahead - just do hunt seat for anything but the lowest, rarest, jumping.

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