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I saw in a dream my ex best friend who is now an if you know about dreams?

We are both females.

1.let me explain the REALITY first

Both of us had given exams at 18 in reality and i succed with high grades and she failed with very low gradesSo i had made fun of her very low grades and bully her to another friendAfter that she had passed to a university and she was too happy because she pass somewhere she could not believe with that very low gradesI passed also to a better university than hers.But we are not friends anymoreIdk what she had done but i feel ashamed because after i passed to the university i did not study anything and now i am 26 years old and still a student with no degree yet and i am very let me explain you the DREAMI saw in the dream that i saw her and talk to her and she had degree and postgraduate and she was about to be a proffessor at an university

And i felt very small in front of her and very ashamed

Because in the past i had made fun of her and now i am below her ...   ...... the way

I dont know what exactly she has done with her degree if she took it or not or if she has done postgraduate.

But i know that she is working at a local coffee shop now

What does this dream means????

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  • Rich
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    I am a Christian and I need to share with you what I felt in my heart as I was reading your post and your dream.

    This is what you should do...

    Regardless of where she is now, and where you are now, put that aside.

    Find her and reach out to her, and ask her to forgive you with a very sincere heart and remorse, for the many times you made fun of her and bullied her in the past. Ask her for forgiveness and let her know that you very much regret it, and that you are hoping she will forgive you. She may forgive you or not, but that is another topic. You will feel much better in your heart emotionally if you take that step, and you will have done what God would have expected from you, so that He can also forgive you.

    The way of the enemy is to bring division, strife and hatred which hurts the soul and leaves everlasting scars. The way of the Lord is to forgive others for what they have done, forgive and be forgiven, and walk in love, for the Bible says love covers over a multitude of sin. Walk in that. Seek to reconcile now, not just with her, but with everyone else whom you have hurt. Time is very short now.

    This would change the type of dreams you would have about this topic.

    Finally, repent of all your sins and ask God to forgive you.

    Ask Jesus to wash all your sins away, and repent every day.

    When you watch the news, can't you tell time is short?

    The Lord said "seek the Lord while he may be found".

    Soon, many will seek Him but it will be too late.

    The time is now to get your house in order.

  • 2 months ago

    You judge yourself very harshly.  Yes, you made fun of your rival, but that is not the end of the world.  You kept aiming for your goal and have not given up.  So all those degrees got her where?  To serving coffee in a coffee shop?  I think you have to take a good look at the "reality" of the situation.  Degrees in college are just pieces of paper saying you are excellent in this subject.  Degrees don't give you a golden character, money, friends, etc.  Degrees can be a help to you on the road of Life, but it is only a help, not the goal in itself. 

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