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What does this crazy dream mean?

so i dont remember all of it but i remember i was in my friends old house and i went into his room and there was ants that crawled on my hand and bit me and i always considered them fire ants and later italian for sone reason. I indeed felt the pain and heat from it like its real which kinda was, and ill get to that later on. I went into the living room sat on the couch i told soneone about what happened to me and it was uncontrollable bite pain, and three cops came in to try to help me as if they were medical assistence. The leading cop held my hand and asked me what happened? i said i was bitten by italian fire ants and im in pain. He straitened up my two fingers and said its a plant or something to try to say a bit of medical knowledge and authority and to try to heal me but then i woke up and in real life i saw my finger was bitten and there was an ant like lump and a tiny open blood wound which i felt pain but not as much in the dream but still hurt a bit, so i went to the bathroom and tried dealing with it by running water and bandaid.

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  • Rich
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    My feeling is that while you were sleeping a spider or some other bug actually crawled on your hand and bit you. Since you were not awake and did not see it, your dreaming took over and you experienced the same bite but in a different manner. That happens sometimes.

  • 6 months ago

    Try to understand your dream in this way.  The ant bite on your hand came first.  The dream came second.  Your subconscious mind knew something physical happened to you, as you were sleeping.   So it wove a dream to make a reason for what happened.  In your case, one bite was multiplied a hundredfold and even the police were called in.  I never cease to wonder about the intrigue of our subconscious minds. 

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