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What is an easy way to find places in the world to visit that are relatively untouched by tourists but still beautiful?

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    Try Russia. Very safe and convenient country. Lena River stone columns. Altai region. Sol' Iletsk has a saltier than dead sea lake and watermelon festival in late August. Cities are trampled by 5 million tourists every year, but Murmansk is easily accessible, air or rail, and you can see midnite sun in summer and midnight all day in winter. You can go to villages where life STAYS in the village almost exclusively.

    AND then there are millions of (well 100s or 1000s) small towns scattered in Europe. They have been there for 500 plus years. Sienna, Sistri Levant, and Lucca are 3 of scores in Italy.

    Trikala Greece amid others.

    Hanoi had a few tourists in the 1960s, but they had gunz and got involved in a shootout. There is a red bridge in the city where nightly hungreds to thousands of people congregate at the night markets. Most are locals, though the former warrior-nation citizens are welcomed warmly.

    There is a lot out there in the world.

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