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How did I lose over 100 Facebook friends in 1 day?

It didn't stop, it's still on going. I didn't say anything to provoke anyone but I'm still rapidly losing friends on Facebook. I've lost friends before on Facebook but that was only about 1 or 2 a day. I don't know what's happening now. Is there something wrong with the Facebook server or are the developers trying to fix something? I doubt people are unfriending me because they don't have reason to.

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  • 2 months ago

    there are many reasons that you had lost alot of the people you had before. there many reasons that happens. here are some reasons. some people who pick out the friends that think sound nice person to meet or be friends with online. some times she  or he gets tired of feeling like strange that having that many friends who arent not real friends in real lifes such as most people only stay with the people they really knew from high school, college, childhood, or know from family members and friends to friends ,most like closer friends . then some the left over who are just new sometimes makes boring that they realize she or he never chat talk or meet before in public shouldnt be staying friends with first place. some people i know notice that why the point being friends with someone else  who never talk online or not notice that they are there too in the group. just annoying them too much. that cause problems and stresses that they do not need someone like that in their life. so that can reason they removed you off their friends lists. or you as a friend must had made trouble in the past and then made a lies about other person then that person go telling she or he that you made up a lie about something or someone in the comments or on instant messenger that you must had said something mean  . then next step the person dislike it what you did or said . . any thing is face book now is going threw all everyone profiles go to their friends lists see what friends you got then double check is you are really real friends with these people . if you just added strangers that arent your real life friends they take them off or sent you a email ask you if she or he is your real life friends not a fake friends or stranger .there are some new rules on face book that can and cant not have 10000 billions friends on your facebook friends list . alot of people these days does unfriend the ones they getting tired of being friends with . and more people doesnt have no extras time to make new friends online these days. they have other things to do in their own lifes , such jobs , school, family and kids. you just waste your time ! 

  • Steven
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    4 months ago

    You have just doubt people unfriending you, so why you asking this with us. We have not to face this type of problem. You need to confirm it people have unfriended you or not by checking someone's profile. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Theyre deleting accounts. They deleted mine 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago


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  • 4 months ago

    Facebook is cracking down on fake accounts, ones that support political ideas of a conservative, libertarian or populist nature and those that go against or question the official COVID-19 narrative.  

    If you bought friends or your friends support the above positions, that may be why.

    You could also have other views or have said/done something your friends don't like.

  • Daniel
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    4 months ago

    I dont think so I think people are Unfriending you for some Reason 

    Maybe its something that you Posted 

  • Sandy
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    4 months ago

    are they conservatives? FB is a cancel culture tech company giant. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I think you should check your personality...

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