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DNA tests and blood transfusions?

So i was wondering if you've ever had a blood transfusion if you take a DNA test to see where you are from or something will that blood effect your results , sorry if this seems like a dumb question lol 

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    (A) When you do an ancestry test, you spit into a tube. You don't give blood. Blood transfusions will not affect your spit.

    (B) Usually, just red blood cells are transfused, which don't contain any DNA.

    (C) The few white blood cells that make it through the process will die off in a matter of weeks to months at most.

  • Zirp
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    Those DNA-tests do not tell you where you are from. They tell you where some of your (distant) cousins live. They don't usually use blood but a swab of the inside of your cheek.

    Even if they did, the (DNA of the) transfused blood would be gone in a couple of months

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